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001. The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman Jan7 - mystery
002. Chance of a Ghost by EJ Copperman Jan13 - mystery, Haunted Guesthouse
003. The Thrill of the Haunt by EJ Copperman Jan15 - mystery, Haunted Guesthouse
004. The Supreme Macaroni Company by Adriana Trigiani Jan18 - Valentina
005. Twice Over Lightly by Anita Loos and Helen Hayes Feb8 - New York City
006. Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews Feb10 - Weezie and Bebe
007. After Dead by Charlaine Harris Feb11 - Sookie Stackhouse
008. No Mother to Guide Her by Anita Loos Feb18 - humor
009. Return to Tradd Street by Karen White Feb25 - Tradd Street, mystery
010. Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris Mar1 - Sookie Stackhouse
011. Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews Mar7 - Weezie and Bebe
012. Not Dead and Not for Sale by Scott Weiland Mar12 - memoir
013. Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane Mar15 - Chess Putnam
014. Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich Mar17 - Stephanie Plum
015. Heirs and Graces by Rhys Bowen Mar22 - Her Royal Syness
016. Happy Never After by Mary Kay Andrews Mar26 - Callahan Garrity
017. Someone Else's Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson Mar30 - relationships, family, grief, healing
018. Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen Apr2 - family, relationships, mystery, healing
019. The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg Apr9 - Fox and OHare
020. The Ghoul Next Door by Victoria Laurie Apr18 - Ghost Hunter mysteries, MJ Holliday
021. Ladies' Night by Mary Kay Andrews Apr21 - relationships, rebuilding
022. Get Off Your Donkey: Help Somebody and Help Yourself by Reggie McNeal Apr25
023. Rude Bitch Make Me Tired by Celia Rivenbark May1 - humor, essays
024. Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews May4 - relationships, family
025. The Sixes by Kate White May9 - mystery, secret societies, universities
026. Tomb of the Golden Bird by Elizabeth Peters May18 - Amelia Peabody, mystery, historical
027. I've Got You Under My Skin by Mary Higgins Clark Jun5 - mystery
028. Fate Keeps On Happening by Anita Loos Jun7 - essays, humor
029. Night Diver by Elizabeth Lowell Jun12 - mystery
030. Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews Jun16 - relationships, family
031. Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters Jun25 - Amelia Peabody, mystery, historic
032. The Cove by Ron Rash Jun29 - mystery, murder, historic
033. All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner Jul4 - addiction, family
034. The New Sacher Cookbook by Alexandra and Christoph Wagner Gurtler Jul7 - food, cooking, good eats, recipes Hotel Sacher, Sacher Torte
035. MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood Jul15 - MaddAddam trilogy
036. Violets of March by Sarah Jio Jul19 - relationships, family, healing
037. Morning Glory by Sarah Jio Jul24 - relationships, family
038. The Golden One by Elizabeth Peters Aug7 - Amelia Peabody, mystery, historic
039. Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot Aug11 - Heather Wells, mystery
040. Board Stiff by Elaine Viets Aug16 - Dead End Jobs, Helen Hawthorne
041. The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot Aug 19 - Heather Wells, mystery
042. Catnapped Elaine Viets Aug24 - Dead End Jobs, Helen Hawthorne
043. Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas Aug29 - memoir, culture shock
044. Royal Airs by Sharon Shinn Sep7 - Elemental Blessings
045. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Sep12 - magic, circus
046. Serenity: Those Left Behind by Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews and Will Conrad Sep13 - Firefly
047. Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene Sep - history, abuse, WWII, antisemitism
048. Oh My Stars! by Lorna Landvik Sep - family, relationships, historic
049. Top Secret 21 by Janet Evanovich Sep30 - Stephanie Plum
050. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen Oct5 - mystery, circus, historic
051. The Secret of Ka by Christopher Pike Oct11 - fantasy, djinn, magic
052. Days of the Dead by Barbara Hambly Oct22 - Benjamin January, historic
053. Radical by David Platt Nov - Christianity, following Christ
054. Dead and Buried by Barbara Hambly Nov17 - Benjamin January, historic
055. Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella Nov22 - Becky Brandon, Hollywood
056. City of Darkness and Light by Rhys Bowen Nov26 - Molly Murphy, historic, Paris
057. Our Red Hot Romance is Leaving Me Blue by Dixie Cash Nov29 - Domestic Equalizers
058. Queen of Hearts by Rhys Bowen Dec3 - Royal Spyness, historic, Hollywood
059. Ran Away by Barbara Hambly Dec8 - Benjamin January, historic
060. Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews Dec12 - Kate Daniels
061. I Can't Make You Love Me but I Can Make You Leave by Dixie Cash Dec16 - Domestic Equalizers
062. Witch World 2: Black Knight by Christopher Pike Dec23 - Witch World
063. Best to Laugh by Lorna Landvik Dec27 - family, relationships, Hollywood history
064. Good Man Friday by Barbara Hambly Dec29 - Benjamin January, historic
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001. Deadly Gift by Heather Graham (Jan1) - murder, mystery, Irish legends, Flynn Brothers
002. From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris (Jan3) - murder, mystery, werewolves, vampires, Sookie Stackhouse
003. Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris (Jan3) - murder, mystery, werewolves, vampires, Sookie Stackhouse
004. The Nature of Animal Healing by Dr Martin Goldstein (Jan5) - animals, holistic veterinary medicine
005. Killer Riff by Sheryl J Anderson (Jan8) - murder, mystery, Molly Forrester
006. Must Love Hellhounds by Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews and Meljean Brook (Jan12) - short stories, mysteries, occult
007. A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris (Jan13) - Sookie Stackhouse, short stories
008. The Whiskey Rebels by David Liss (Jan18) - mystery, historical, political
009. The Julius House by Charlaine Harris (Jan21) - mystery, murder, Roe Teagarden
010. Bite by Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight and Vickie Knight (Jan27) - murder, mystery, vampires
011. Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (Jan30) - mystery, family, relationships, ghosts
012. Strange Brew by PN Elrod and several others (Feb1) - mystery, witches, murder, occult, fantasy
013. Don't Make Me Choose Between You and My Shoes by Dixie Cash (Feb3) - murder, mystery, Debbie Sue Overstreet, the Domestic Equalizers
014. Dead Over Heels by Charlaine Harris (Feb5) - mystery, murder, Aurora Teagarden
015. The Island by Heather Graham (Feb10) - murder, mystery
016. Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh (Feb14) - mystery, murder, Hunters Guild, Elena Deveraux
017. Manhunt by James L. Swanson (Feb23) - true crime, Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth
018. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews (Feb25) - mystery, murder, shapeshifters, vampires, magic, Kate Daniels
019. Brava, Valentine by Adriana Trigiani (Feb28) - family, relationships, Valentine Roncalli
020. The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton (Mar6) - family, relationships
021. A Fool and His Honey by Charlaine Harris (Mar7) - mystery, murder, Aurora Teagarden
022. Last Scene Alive by Charlaine Harris (May10) - mystery, murder, Aurora Teagarden
023. Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews (Mar12) - mystery, murder, shapeshifters, vampires, magic, Kate Daniels
024. Home in Time for Christmas by Heather Graham (Mar15) - relationships, family, the Revolution, magic
025. Most Evil by Steve Hodel (Mar20) - murder, true crime, Elizabeth Short, Black Dahlia, Zodiac
026. Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh (Mar21) - mystery, murder, Hunters Guild, Elena Deveraux
027. Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler (Mar27) - relationships, family, fantasy, magic, starting over
028. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood (Mar31) - future, mass destruction, survival
029. Why Moms are Weird by Pamela Ribon (Apr10) - family, relationships
030. Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews (Apr17) - mystery, murder, shapeshifters, vampires, magic, Kate Daniels
031. Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss (Apr22) - murder, Jeffrey MacDonald, non-fiction crime
032. Movie * Icons Steve McQueen by Paul Duncan and Alain Silver (Apr23) - Steve McQueen
033. Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark (Apr26) - murder, mystery, Regan Reilly
034. Big Boned by Meg Cabot (Apr29) - murder, mystery, Heather Wells
035. Doom with a View by Victoria Laurie (May2) - murder, mystery, politics, Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye Mystery
036. In a Gilded Cage by Rhys Bowen (May5) - murder, mystery, suffragettes, Molly Murphy
037. The Last Illusion by Rhys Bowen (May8) - murder, mystery, Houdini, theater, Molly Murphy
038. Half-Price Homicide by Elaine Viets (May9) - murder, mystery, Helen Hawthorne
039. Dusk to Dawn: Charleston by Joe McElmore (May11) - photos, non-fiction
040. Christietown by Susan Kandel (May14) - murder, mystery, Cece Caruso
041. Why Girls Are Weird by Pamela Ribon (May15) - relationships, family
042. Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen (May17) - murder, mystery, Lady Georgiana, Her Royal Spyness
043. Hurricane Bay by Heather Graham (May16) - murder, mystery
044. The Killing Edge by Heather Graham (May26) - murder, mystery, Adam Harrison, Nikki Blackhawk
045. Swimming by Nicola Keegan (May30) - relationships, family, swimming, Olympics
046. A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen (Jun1) - murder, mystery, Lady Georgiana, Her Royal Spyness
047. Fatal Justice by Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost (Jun9) - Jeffrey MacDonald, murder, non-fiction crime, government cover-up
048. Dial H for Hitchcock by Susan Kandel (Jun13) - murder, mystery, Cece Caruso
049. The 4-Day Diet by Dr Ian Smith (Jun16) - recipes, self-help, healthy
050. Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen (Jun18) - murder, mystery, Lady Georgiana, Her Royal Spyness
051. Haunted by Heather Graham (Jun21) - murder, mystery, Adam Harrison
052. A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton (Jun25) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
053. Cursed by Carol Higgins Clark (Jun26) - murder, mystery, Regan Reilly
054. Wrecked by Carol Higgins Clark (Jun28) - murder, mystery, Regan Reilly
055. B is for Burglar by Sue Grafton (Jul3) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
056. Night's Edge by Charlaine Harris, Maggie Shayne and Barbara Hambly (Jul6) - murder, mystery, short stories
057. Homefront by Catherine Lutz (Jul14) - history, military, Ft Bragg, Fayetteville
058. Crimes by Moonlight: Mysteries from the Darkside by Various, edited by Charlaine Harris (Jul19) - mysteries, murder, short stories, the occult
059. The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson (Jul22) - murder, mystery, Tattoo Shop mystery
060. Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich (Jul23) - mystery, Stephanie Plum
061. Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (Jul25) - murder, mystery, werewolves, vampires, Sookie Stackhouse
062. C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton (Jul27) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
063. Poppy Done to Death by Charlaine Harris (Jul29) - mystery, murder, Roe Teagarden
064. Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips (Jul31) - ancient Greece, Greek gods, mystery
065. The House on Tradd Street by Karen White (Aug3) - mystery, murder, occult, ghosts, haunting, historic houses, Charleston
066. Nightwalker by Heather Graham (Aug6) - murder, mystery, Adam Harrison Investigations, Nikki Blackhawk
067. Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue by Dixie Cash (Aug8) - haunting, ghosts, mystery, Debbie Sue Overstreet, the Domestic Equalizers
068. Nefertiti by Michelle Moran (Aug13) - ancient Egypt, politics, historical novel, megalomania
069. Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace (Aug14) - friendship
070. Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews (Aug17) - mystery, murder, shapeshifters, magic, Kate Daniels
071. A Glimpse of Evil by Victoria Laurie (Aug21) - murder, mystery, Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye Mystery
072. The Girl on Legare Street by Karen White (Aug23) - mystery, murder, occult, ghosts, haunting, historic houses, Charleston
073. D is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton (Aug27) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
074. Shakespeare's Landlord by Charlaine Harris (Aug29) - Lily Bard, murder, mystery
075. Way Down Dead in Dixie by Caroline Cousins (Aug31) - murder, mystery, Indigo Island, Lindsey Fox and cousins
076. Murder of a Wedding Belle by Denise Swanson (Sep1) - murder, mystery, Scumble River, Skye Denison
077. 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat by Arden Moore (Sep5) - cats, pet care
078. The Girl with No Shadow by Joanne Harris (Sep5) - mystery, Vianne Rocher, relationships, magic, love
079. Betsy-Tacy and Tib by Maud Hart Lovelace (Sep7) - friendship
080. sTori Telling by Tori Spelling with Hilary Liftin (Sep9) - family, relationships, biography
081. Fiddle Dee Death by Caroline Cousins (Sep11) - murder, mystery, Indigo Island, Lindsey Fox and cousins
082. Demon Ex Machina by Julie Kenner (Sep14) - demons, mystery, Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom, Kate Connor
083. Dressed to Keel by Candy Calvert (Sep17) - murder, mystery, Darcy Cavanaugh
084. Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner (Sep19) - family, relationships, adultery, public figures
085. Royal Blood by Rhys Bowen (Sep22) - murder, mystery, Lady Georgiana, Her Royal Spyness
086. Mums the Word by Kate Collins (Sep26) - mystery, murder, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
087. Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris (Sep26) - Lily Bard, murder, mystery
088. Aye Do or Die by Candy Calvert (Sep28) - murder, mystery, Darcy Cavanaugh
089. Thirst Volume 1 - The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice by Christopher Pike (Oct3) - mystery, vampires, Sita, spiritualism, murder
090. Mommywood by Tori Spelling (Oct6) - family, relationships, parenthood
091. Thirst Volume 2 - Phantom, Evil Thirst, Creatures of Forever by Christopher Pike (Oct10) - mystery, vampires, Sita, spiritualism, murder
092. The Last of Her Kind by Sigrid Nunez ((Oct16) - relationships, the 60s, prison, memoirs
093. Mai Tai to Murder by Candy Calvert (Oct17) - murder, mystery, Darcy Cavanaugh
094. Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris (Oct19) - Lily Bard, murder, mystery
095. Marsh Madness by Caroline Cousins (Oct22) - murder, mystery, Indigo Island, Lindsey Fox and cousins
096. Uncharted TerriTORI by Tori Spelling (Oct24) - family, relationships, career, autobiography
097. Slay it with Flowers by Kate Collins - mystery, murder, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
098. Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (Oct30) - family, relationships, parenting
099. E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton (Nov2) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
100. Shakespeare's Trollop by Charlaine Harris (Nov4) - Lily Bard, murder, mystery
101. Shakespeare's Counselor by Charlaine Harris (Nov6) - Lily Bard, murder, mystery
102. Creating Myself by Mia Tyler (Nov9) - autobiography, relationships, family, triumph
103. Dearly Depotted by Kate Collins (Nov12) - mystery, murder, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
104. Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende (Nov19) - historical fiction, family, relationships, slavery, Haiti, Saint-Dominique, New Orleans
105. F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton (Nov24) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
106. Titanic's Last Secrets by Brad Matsen (Nov27) - Titanic, deep sea diving, Brittanic, history
107. Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani (Nov28) - boarding school, relationships
108. Snipped in the Bud by Kate Collins (Nov29) - mystery, murder, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
109. Murder at the Portland Variety by M. J. Zellnik (Dec2) - murder, mystery, Libby Seale
110. The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes (Dec5) - family, relationships, PTSD
111. Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice (Dec8) - mystery, relationships, Toby O'Dare
112. Santa's Snow Kitten by Sue Stainton and Anne Mortimer (Dec11) - Santa Claus, cats, childrens
113. Mater Saves Christmas by Kiel Murray (Dec11) - childrens, cars, Christmas
114. Acts of Violets by Kate Collins (Dec12) - mystery, murder, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
115. G is for Gumshoe by Sue Grafton (Dec15) - murder, mystery, Kinsey Millhone
116. Titanic Survivor by Violet Jessop (Dec22) - Titanic, Brittanic, ocean liner crew, biography
117.A Rose from the Dead by Kate Collins (Dec25) - murder, mystery, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
118. Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins (Dec26) - murder, mystery, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
119. Evil in Carnations by Kate Collins (Dec28) - murder, mystery, Flower Shop, Abby Knight
120. The Lost Girls by Laurie Fox (Dec31) - Wendy Darling, Peter Pan, family, relationships, mental health, delusion
It's been 5 years since Katrina and some of these sites are still working. New Orleans and the Gulf STILL need our help. Shoot, they need our help now more than ever! Please check out these sites and help how you can.
Don't forget to visit this beautiful city, too!

When I read news reports about the devastation in the Gulf, I get a little overwhelmed. I keep getting choked up and teary. It's just scary. I want to help, but it's not like i can just pack up and move to the area to help. I don't exactly have a lot of money. I plan on giving money and probably blood. I've listed some sites below that will be options to giving to the American Red Cross.

Here are different way to help New Orleans and other disaster affected areas.

The Episcopal Disaster Relief Fund
Noah's Wishes Animal Rescue
The Humane Society of the United States
Louisiana SPCA
The Houston, TX SPCA
Network For Good
The Louisiana Library Association
Feeding America, used to be America's Second Harvest
Cafe' Press I know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

syndicated blogs of information from the city:
[ profile] mb_neworleans and [ profile] nola_view also check out [ profile] neworleans for updates.

please let me know if you think of other sites!
When I read news reports about the devastation in the Gulf, I get a little overwhelmed. I keep getting choked up and teary. It's just scary. I want to help, but it's not like i can just pack up and move to the area to help. I don't exactly have a lot of money. I plan on giving money and probably blood. I've listed some sites below that will be options to giving to the American Red Cross.

Here are different way to help Hurricane Katrina Victims.
shop new orleans! there's a link in this blog entry to a list of NOLA stores you can shop at online.
habitat for humanity builds houses that will become a musicians' village to bring the music BACK to new orleans
help bring the music back to the gulf coast through this program that assist musicians with replacing their lost instruments.
The Episcopal Disaster Relief Fund
Noah's Wishes Animal Rescue
PetsMart Charities
The Humane Society of the United States
Fundraising collar made by the Humane Society
Louisiana SPCA
The Houston, TX SPCA - NOLA SPCA transported their animals here before Katrina hit
SPCA press release about animals needing to be evacuated thanks to [ profile] nlm32 for posting this
Network For Good (featured in my icon, made by [ profile] easter - and she doesn't mind if you use her icon, too. i ask that you credit her if you take it)
The Louisiana Library Association
America's Second Harvest
Cafe' Press I know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
[ profile] gulfcoastgowns - see this post for imformation about this community
[ profile] helpers information about helpers and [ profile] katrinahelp
[ profile] fandom_charity, members are writing fic, in exchange for people donating money to various charities

syndicated blogs of information from the city:
[ profile] mb_neworleans and [ profile] nola_view also check out [ profile] neworleans for updates.

please let me know if you think of other sites!
sunneyone: (my kitties (MFMB skinglist))
i just wanted to post about a community i was told about by [ profile] pushmearound. the community is called [ profile] driveforlife and if you're an animal loving roadtripper, this is the community for you.
here is the information blurb from the user info....
This community was started after a realization that there really was no network in place on LiveJournal for those that may wish to help transport animals. A lot of users seemed unaware that there were even networks in place, and once aware of them, seemed eager to help. This is an attempt to give people who both need help and want to help in the endeavor of transporting companion animals from or to fosters, rescues, shelters, forever homes, or anywhere else they need to go a place to stay updated on current cries for help, or to post their own needs for help across the nation.
it's a relay where you help the animal get to a safe place.
there are a lot of transports that need drivers. please check it out.
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Whew it's been ages since I did one of these. I am still a reality TV watching fool, I just don't post about it like I used to. But I miss our discussions!

The first thing that's been on my mind, thanks to The Real World: Brooklyn, is the fact that our country has been at war for 7 and a half years. According to my in-house military contact we had people on the ground in Afghanistan by September 13, 2001. So that's just over 7 years and 6 months. Almost twice as long as we were at war for WWII. About half the time we were in Vietnam. That's a lot of soldiers to put through the ringer. And what this war does to our soldiers is hard to ignore. Allen got lucky, I know that and I thank God for it. There are so many out there who didn't. Anyone watching the Real World this season that didn't know it before is getting a look at it now. Ryan, one of the castmates, is a Veteran of Iraq and from the past two episodes is either back in Iraq or in training to go. He's obviously suffering from PTSD. He's trying to cope, but you can tell. It really became obvious to me when he was sitting on his bed talking with one of the girls after he found out one of his friends from the Army had committed suicide. Ryan kept playing the same chords on the guitar, rapidly going "I'm fine. I'm fine." No, honey, you're NOT fine and it's evident! Ryan is the third soldier MTV has cast on a show and ALL of them are veterans of that war and ALL of them have some sort of PTSD. Rachel from Austin had a hard time not losing her stuffings on both shows she's been on so far. Dan the Marine was fine on his Road Rules season, but on the Island he stayed drunk the whole time. Even for that party atomosphere, that was excessive (and as an aside, on an island where they supposedly had no power, how did they have such bright lights and were they drinking WARM beer and liquor????) So, yeah, you've got Rachel who had no control over her emotions, Dan drinking his life away and now Ryan with his wall and his dark movies. That's what's happening to our soldiers coming home. It's scary. This country became famous for how well we cared for our soldiers. I fear they're not getting the same benefits anymore. And yeah, part of that fear is very personal and a little selfish. I'm married to one of those veterans. He's a decorated veteran of a foreign war. Will he be treated accordingly as he gets older? We'll see.....
As for the rest of this season's Real World.... It has been interesting watching Katelynn's journey. She was still recovering from her surgery when she moved in. Kinda like a baby colt or something. I like her, for the most part, but she does have her moments. Like the cleaning thing. I admit, I'm not the neatest person, but good lord, I wash my dishes. Anyway.... She seems pretty cool. Actually, I pretty much like the cast, except for Chet and JD. They're a pair of asses and it's hard to say which is a bigger jerk! Honestly, Chet is one of the most judgemental people I've ever seen. And he sounds off about things that do NOT concern him in the least. "If I were Scott, I'd demand that money back from Katelynn. I'd be angry that I loaned her money and now she's gambling it away." Okay, first of all, Scott GAVE Katelynn the money. She is the one who said she planned on paying it back. It was given as a gift, and therefore, Scott may not LIKE what she did with it, but he GAVE it to her. And two, Chet, NO ONE ASKED YOU. Also "Devyn shouldn't be dating two guys at once." What business is it of yours? You're not one of the guys! I personally think if Chet had not been in the house, there would have been a lot less tension between the "sexes" in the house. Also, Chet is obnoxious to the people he interviews. I'd hate to be interviewed by him for a show. Of course, with my luck, if I ever get famous, Chet will be one of my people I have to talk to and he will probably have found this blog while researching me. So, Chet, if you ever read this, I hope you've grown up since your stint on the Real World. Because you were pretty UN-Christian on that show. And as for JD, he's a real Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. He gets drunk and trashes his roommates to their faces and tells their secrets to other housemates? I hold the philosophy that our true feelings come out when we're drunk. JD is mister sweet and sensitive when sober, when drunk his manipulative conniving side comes out. Of course, after a few binges, he dropped the act. The whole thing with the rat? What a terrible thing to do. That's not funny. That's just cruel. Cruel to the animal and to the roommates. And they just let him throw tantrums where he breaks things? In other houses, when people act like that, they send them to a hotel for the night. Anyway, I haven't seen the last episode or the reunion yet, but it's been an interesting season.

Top Model has been interesting to watch. Tyra is so crazy. Crazy as in Joan Crawford crazy, except I don't think she's beating the models with wire coathangers. Well, not literally. No, her words are her wire coathangers. And riddle me this friends, why have the three girls from Africa that have been contestants on this show been the biggest bitches on the show? Seriously, Nneena was terrible, although she hid it when she started. Fatima was just awful, at least from the gate. I think she got a little better as the show went on. But this Sondra girl is just.... a real piece of work and not in a good way. She pushes peoples buttons. Some of them realize it, other haven't and it cost them. Of course, Sondra's performance has been lackluster lately, so maybe she won't stick around too long. So far, my favorites are Aminat, Tahlia, London (how could you NOT love a street preacher?), Fo and Tiana. I liked Celia until she pulled the little "Tyra, it's not fair, Tahlia said all week she wanted to go home" thing. The judges obviously hadn't heard about it and so it looked like Celia was doing it out of jealousy, even though it was true. It wasn't brought up before the judges made their decision, so it made Celia look bad and probably caused tension in the house. I haven't watched last night's episode yet (I love my DVR) but I know it was probably chock full of cat fights. My favorite discussion blog is Four Four. Google him and prepare to laugh!

Survivor has been it's same old dramafied self. Honestly, I don't think I could ever do that show because 1) I love the conveniences of A/C, a modern bathroom and my washer and dryer. I could probably handle the foods, but not the other "roughing it" crap. And B) the people would made me totally lose my stuffings. I am a lot better than I used to be, but I still get frustrated by difficult people. My anger management issues would probably re-surface full force the first time Coach went all condescending on me. Seriously, the challenge on that show is not killing a tribe-mate. Starting out, my favorites were Taj, JD and Jerry. Poor Jerry got sick and was voted out. Too bad, he's a soldier, so I bet he knew a trick or two about surviving. As the show has gone on, I've come to like Sierra more. I think she's a good person. I still dig Taj and JD. I just wish they didn't seem to be at odds! It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of this season plays out.
Oh, and Deborah the Principal? Totally crushing on Tyson the Mormon. Here's another aside, what's up with the Mormons on reality TV these days? Although if I had to choose, I'd take Tyson over Chet any day. As long as he promised to keep his clothes on. And who else's gaydar has been pinging with him?

One of my favorite reality shows is The Amazing Race because I think it's one of the most intelligent ones they've come up with. I'd love to do that show, because I'm pretty sure they get showers and the use of washers and dryers on the pit stops! And I'd love to see the world. I think if I could conquer my emotions, Allen and I would be a great team. Anyway.... we'll see what happens with this Curves thing. ;) As for this season's cast, of the teams left, my favorite is probably the sisters, Kisha and Jen. I also like Tammy and Victor and the brothers, Mike and Mark. I liked Luke and Margie until the whole yield thing. That was completely unneccessary. They didn't do it to save themselves. They did it for the rude redheads. And I don't think the RRs would do it for them! That one redhead, I just want to smack her. How dare she treat the natives like she does in their country? Thanks for reinforcing all the "Rude American" stereotypes. I can't wait for them to be eliminated. I can only hope it comes soon. I also liked the dad and son and the flight attendants. I was sorry to see them go. What I loved about Mike and Mel was how much of a team they became. I really loved Mike on the leg when they came in first. He held his dad's hand when they ran up the hill to the Pit Stop mat. It was nice to see him be so respectful and loving. Anyway, go sibling teams!!!!

I've been watching the TVLand show High School Reunion this season. I didn't watch the last one (that was the first one, no?) but I caught the first episode one Saturday night (cause broke couples like us don't go out, we stay at home and take advantage of the cable TV we pay for) and got hooked. It's been interesting to see. I wonder how it'd been to have a high school reunion with my class. I've found several of them on Facebook (and some on myspace in the past few years - before the FB craze) and it's been cool to reconnect. I wonder if I'd even be chosen for the show? I don't know. Heh, like my school would ever be selected. Anyway, it's interesting to see how people in their late 30s can still act like teenagers fresh off the school bus. I'm actually three episodes behind, but there is a marathon Saturday and I've set the TV to record the episodes so by Sunday, I'll be all caught up. I do think Tom and Kara are still in love and it'd be nice to see them reunite. I also hope Maricela and Scott can work out their issues, because they're a cute couple.

Now on to the BEST show: Dancing with the Stars!!!!! I've been a lover of the show for several years now, but this season has been even more personal because Steve-O is on there! For those of you that don't know, my sister-in-law and good friend Jennifer is good friends with Steve and lives in Hollywood. She was his personal assistant for a year. She and Steve are like siblings and so it's been like watching a family member on TV. He got her tickets for every episode and it's been so cool to see her in the crowd cheering him on! I've been so proud of him. He's been sober for just over a year and he looks so healthy and amazing. I'm so happy he's stayed in as long as he has and I hope this week he's able to overcome the injuries that plagued him the first couple of weeks and also his nerves. It's great to see him and I think each week he stays in is another stomp in the face of his addiction. He does have talent and I think he'll get better, now that he knows he can make it through a routine without missing a step. He's getting there. If you're watching, please toss a vote or two his way! My other favorite is Ty Murray, the bullrider. I have a soft spot for cowboys ANYWAY, but Ty has shown that he is a good dancer. I hope he makes it to the final four. I actually get teary when he does well, because it moves me so much. Steve and Ty get all my votes. :) I think Gilles is an amazing dancer, though, and I think the trophy might be his to lose.
Shawn and Melissa are both good, but Shawn has her age and her "gymnast hands" to overcome. Melissa might be the contender that can swipe the trophy if Gilles isn't looking. Imagine how good she'd've been that first night if she had had the full four weeks to train. She went out and got second place with TWO DAYS worth of practice time. Wow. So I've enjoyed watching her. Surprisingly, I also have enjoyed Lil'Kim. She is very good. The other night, I was watching her and Derek's Argentine Tango and there were several moments where I just said "Wow, that's pretty!" It was just so nice to watch! I almost like her.
The one thing that I just can't STAND, though, is the Chuck-Julianne situation. Julianne had said she was taking a break from the show at the end of last season. And then she comes back dancing with her real life boyfriend? That is MESSED UP on so many levels. First of all, they didn't have the chemistry challenge the other couples face. They know they have chemistry because they're dating. Imagine how tough it has been for Shawn to have that chemistry with Mark. She's still so young. But then Julianne and Chuck already have it. And then there is Chuck's attitude of "dancing isn't manly." Oh really? Have you MET Maksim or did you just drift along beside him. Maks EXUDES manhood. So does Tony and Jonathan and Alec. You don't see Lawrence and Ty, two total tough guys if there ever were any, bitching about how it doesn't make them look manly! And honestly, Chuck wasn't that manly to begin with. Really, eliminate him and set him adrift with the RRs from the Amazing Race!!! Anyway, my final four prediction is Gilles, Shawn and Melissa with either Kim, DAG or Ty. Although I'd love it to be Gilles, Melissa, Steve and Ty. Well, actually, honestly, Melissa and Shawn are interchangeable to me. I think the finale will be Gilles and one of the girls, although I'd love it to be Steve and Ty! I don't know if Steve can get it together for that, though. His injuries set him back. :( But I think Ty has a real shot at it! We'll see! PLEASE VOTE for Steve and Ty! :)

Oh, and shows that are coming soon that I'm looking forward to: Pretty Wicked on Oxygen Network. Mia Tyler is involved with this and I'm eager to see it. The first episode already aired. I have it on my beloved DVR. And they're running repeats all weekend. Basically, it's a Top Model style show, but it's about who has the most INNER BEAUTY. Caridee from ANTM Cycle 7 is the host. Deadliest Catch is back on Tuesday April 14th on Discovery Channel. I'm excited! I love those Alaskan Crabmen! I can't wait to find out how Capn Phil is and see the Time Bandit crew again!!!! Set your DVRs!!!! :) Also, a new RW/RR Challenge is coming up! That starts next week!!! I'm excited because RUTHIE is going to be on it. Ruthie is my GIRL! She was on RW Hawaii and I cannot WAIT to see her in action again. I hope she does well on this show and shows all the newbies a thing or two. Also, Mr "I'm retired from the Challenges" Mark Long is back. We'll see how he fares. Better watch it Mark, you might become the next Beth. By the way, that RR stands for Road Rules, not to be confused with the Rude Redheads from The Race.

Whew, my fingers are tired. :)
Well, I have a goal of reading an average of two books a week, which would be 104 in one year. I blew that out of the water this year!
This is what I read this year: )


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:40 am
If you haven't voted yet and you're able to, what are you waiting for?! Go vote! Seriously, each and every one of our constitutional rights to vote was hard won - the Revolutionary War, the Civil Rights movements, the Suffragettes. Stop reading livejournal and GO VOTE!!! :)
It's been a month or so since I posted one of these, so I figure I'm due! :) There's some gooooooooood stuff that's been happening and I just HAVE to dish!!!

A few weeks ago, it was bad for my favorites.... First off, Steve Gutenberg got kicked off Dancing with the Stars. Then the next night, Claire got eliminated on Top Model. And THEN, Amie got voted out on Survivor. GAH! And I bet THAT decision is coming back to haunt some people!!!

There's some new shows out that are good. And an old favorite is back. :) So let's get started.... ;)

Dancing with the Stars got sad for me when the Gut was kicked off before Adam Carolla. I didn't find Adam offensive, but he wasn't a good dancer, so he didn't deserve to stay over the Gut. Finally, though, HE went. But then it got bad... Priscilla went. And then MARLEE went. That just made me so sad. I loved Marlee and thought she was such an inspiration. It's just sad that she had two bad weeks in a row. I think had she gotten back to ballroom dances, she would have been back on top. :( I am so happy she was on the show. She's definitely a role model for anyone who is struggling out there. My favorite is Marissa, I think she's adorable and so fun. I also like Jason. Actually, I like most of the rest of them, except Cristian. And something about Mario bothers me, but he is a good dancer. So if he won, I'd be disappointed that my favorite didn't, but it'd be okay. Kristi, though, is the front runner. She's such a joy to watch, because she's so good! There are, of course, some people who think that because she was a figure skater she has an unfair advantage, but I don't agree with that. Yeah, if she'd been an ICE DANCER, then it'd be unfair, but she wasn't. So Kristi shouldn't be on the show because she has a good work ethic? I also don't think Derek and Shannon are horrible people because he spoke out of frustration this past week. Half the people online think he was out of like and insulting toward the other dancers. I completely disagree. He was upset because the judges were scoring inconsistantly. It's not fair to blast Shannon for something, but then they're giving out nines and tens to people that are stumbling or not technically deserving of the scores. Could he have been more tactful? Sure. But he's human and I happen to agree with him. I think Shannon has a lot of talent and I can't wait to see what she does this next week. :)

Top Model has been crazy. I think they were nuts to kick Claire off, but they finally rectified that this past week. Seriously, though, she was FIERCE! But, of course, TyTy and co can't let a baby momma win! What I can't understand is why Lauren NEVER got much crap for her failure to improve her walk. In the past, a girl with a walk as atrocious as hers would have been lamblasted! And they were just sort of ho-hum about it. What the hell? And she NEVER practiced. So I'm glad she finally was eliminated. I don't think she was Cover Girl material. She can take some great pictures, but she wasn't, overall, the best all-around model. Plus she cussed during the comercial!!! She dropped the F-bomb! Of the girls left, I think Dom, Anya or Kata deserve to win. Fatima is okay, she's gotten better. Whitney is a right bitch and it'd bug me to high heaven if SHE won. She's pretty, but she's a terrible person on the inside. Cover Girls are supposed to be sweet and not back-stabbing.

Survivor has been one blind-side after another this season. I do think it's hilarious that Penner was right and now it's coming back to haunt people that they didn't listen to him! He told them all that Parvati was manipulative! And she IS!!! I bet he's sitting at home laughing his ass off! I loved Ozzy's fave when he found out during tribal that Parv is the one that spearheaded his ousting. I wish those idiots would have gotten together to get her back, but I guess they felt like "Oh, she has the numbers, so we can't do anything." But seriously... Does Amanda REALLY think that Parv is taking HER to the final?! No! Because of all of the women left, Amanda would win hands down. Amanda has, once again, trusted the wrong alliance. I do think that it is hiLARious that they did the same thing two weeks in a row, though.

The Real World is back and this time they're in Hollywood. MTV is doing the show in hour long episodes, so there will be less of them. So far, I like Joey and Brianna. I don't know if I like Greg and Dave or not.... I do NOT like Sarah, Kimberly or Will. UGH. I do think that Greg has been hurt really badly in his past, so that is why he is so aloof. I've seen signs that deep down he is a good person. I hope that comes out more. I really like Joey and I hope he can overcome his problems and get back to being the sweetheart he obviously is. And I think he and Bri would be cute together. She needs something to help her rise out of the life she's got in Philly. Poor girl. I think Kim is ignorant and needs to grow up. She's got the same problem the Miz had. Alas, there is not Coral to straighten her ass out... Yet? ;) Maybe on a future challenge.... I think Will is just a douche. And Sarah is... immature maybe? Who knows. It's good though. :)

The BIGGEST YAY about Reality TV is that Deadliest CATCH is BACK!!! :) I'm so excited that the Catch is back! My favorite guys, Johnathan, Andy and the rest of the Time Bandit crew, have been keeping me smiling. :) That boat is run by a well-oiled team in a relaxed atomosphere and I think it'd be the best boat to work on. I love them! They did the funniest thing! One of the other boat captains, Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, had been looking for a new truck. So Johnathan found this torn up king cab truck and took it out with them. They found one of Phil's crab pots and attached the truck to it. It was so hilarious when they pulled that truck up!!! You gotta love awesome guys like that. If you've never seen the Catch, check it out! It's a very cool show!!! It airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights. Also, I think the episodes are available online....

Fit Club ends this week. I'm eager to see the before and afters on the gang. What I can't figure out, though, is whether Erin or Dustin is the biggest whack job. Seriously, Erin is a total kookpot. And she's a disappointment. I'd like to know what her deal was... I love Toccara and think she is so amazing. Now SHE should have been the first Plus sized girl to win Top Model. Anyway, she's still FIERCE and she's hot and she's so cool. And tough! Good Lord, the girl is tough. A couple weeks ago they had some self defense instruction or something and she body slammed a dude! That's just... wow! Dustin still has the drama-llama-ding-dong going on, but at least he's following the diet this time and meeting his goals. But every time he feels a little tired, he punks out on the workout. And then he'll call his lawyer. Or his manager/girlfriend.... "Harvey called me names." "Harvey threatened me." By offering to PAY a professional wrestler to slam Dustin?!? How is that a felony threat Dustin? Sheesh. What a big old goober! I will say that all of the "Second Chancers" have been blowing the rookies out of the Water. Tina and Willie? I wish I had their dedication. Hell, if I could just work out like those two, I'd be happy. The last thing I want to say about the show is that Dunkleman is a tool. He is NOT funny. He has his occasional moments, but for the most part, dude is just... a loser.

MTV has started a great new show, called Rock the Cradle. It's a contest between the musically talented children of MTV "icons" for money and, I think, a recording contract. They started out with 9 people - Jesse Money (daughter of Eddie Money), A'keiba Burrell-Hammer (daughter of MC Hammer), Lil B'Sure (son of Al B'Sure), Landon Brown (son of Bobby Brown), Jesse Blaze Snider (son of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister), Chloe Lattanzi (daughter of Olivia Newton John), Lucy Walsh (daughter of Joe Walsh), Lara Johnston (daughter of Doobie Brother Tom Johnston) and Crosby Loggins (son of Kenny Loggins). So far, Jesse M (who has the BEST ROCK voice of the girls), A'keiba, Landon (who was such a gentleman) and Lil B have been eliminated. Next week, two of the 5 that are left are gone. I've been voting for Lara and Crosby. I love them both. I think Lara has, overall, the best voice of the girls. But it is more of a pop/R&B voice. Crosby is the most talented all-around. Lucy's good, too. Jesse S is a good performer, he can really work the stage and please the crowd, but his singing voice isn't that great and he's a total ass. He thinks he's being honest. I think he's just being rude. Chloe is okay. Her voice is different and interesting. But it's not really suited to Rock, in my opinion. Her pitch is great, but her tone is... strange. It's weird to listen to. I think Crosby or Lucy would be the best winners. You can see the full episodes and vote at if you're interested. I know Crosby and Lara have myspaces, the rest probably do, too.

Trading Spaces is over for the season. The other week, though, Hildi actually did a GREAT room. I loved the walls she did. It was this beautiful wood set out in diamonds. GORGEOUS! And then last week, DOUG compromised. Stop the presses, somebody call Ripley! ;) Heh. I love that the show came back. I can't wait for the new season.

And I gotta say something about all these "love" shows that are on. Like Flavor Flav, Brett Michaels, Tila Tequila. Give it UP. None of these people are interested in finding LOVE. I think they're all a bunch of tools and so are the "contestants" on the show. Really, if they didn't find love the first time, they're probably not going to. And what kind of idiot would subject themselves to such degradation? Oh, right, because the BACHELOR is such a hit... Uhm... At least it's a new person each time, not the same loser over and over again...

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go get in some last minute votes for Lara and Lucy. :)
Lisa Dowaliby, former Ghost Hunter on SciFi, is an animal rescuer and posted this on her myspace blog. It's amazing and I had to pass this on.

"I found this piece on the craigslist pets section. It sums up the mindset of the people in the animal field, whether it be veterinary, rescue, rehab, or all of the above. You see, we KNOW we can't save them all. But for the ones we can save, what a difference it makes.

Adapted from The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley

Once upon a time, there was a wise man who used to go to
the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the
beach before he began his work.

One day, as he was walking along the shore, he looked down
the beach and saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He
smiled to himself at the thought of someone who would dance
to the day, and so, he walked faster to catch up.

As he got closer, he noticed that the figure was that of a young
man, and that what he was doing was not dancing at all. The
young man was reaching down to the shore, picking up small
objects, and throwing them into the ocean.

He came closer still and called out "Good morning! May I ask
what it is that you are doing?"

The young man paused, looked up, and replied "Throwing
starfish into the ocean."

"I must ask, then, why are you throwing starfish into the
ocean?" asked the somewhat startled wise man.

To this, the young man replied, "The sun is up and the tide is
going out. If I don't throw them in, they'll die."

Upon hearing this, the wise man commented, "But, young
man, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach
and there are starfish all along every mile? You can't possibly
make a difference!"

At this, the young man bent down, picked up yet another
starfish, and threw it into the ocean. As it met the water, he
said, "It made a difference for that one.""
Just wanted to ask everyone to please keep clicking on the "click a day" even through Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over.
Thanks. :)
This fall marks the 10th annual Save Lids, Save Lives program, a program in which you send in pink lids from Yoplait yogurt products. For every pink lid received, the Yoplait Company will donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen foundation, an organization that helps further breast cancer awareness and research. Up to $1.5 million will be donated (with a guaranteed
donation of at least $500,000.)

Last year over $932,000 was donated to the Susan G. Komen as a direct result of participation in the lid campaign.

Interested in participating? Here are a few tips:
- Be sure to clean off any residual yogurt from the lid.
- Lids should be in one piece, though small tears are acceptable.
- All lids are due by December 31, 2007.

PLEASE do this if you can!

Thanks. :)
Don't forget to do your click a day for breast cancer awareness.

Also, please take a moment to click the other links, too.


Jul. 5th, 2007 10:53 pm
Jericho re-runs start tomorrow night on CBS at 9pm EST. PLEASE watch them.

Of course, if you miss any of them, you can watch the episodes at

Check it out!!!
What an horrible tragedy.
Please pray for the Charleston firefighting family.

Edited to add:
If you want to send the fire department a card, this is the address.

Charleston Fire Department
46-1/2 Wentworth Street
Charleston, SC 29401

If you send a card, send one to their Fire Dispatch, too.

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