It's been a month or so since I posted one of these, so I figure I'm due! :) There's some gooooooooood stuff that's been happening and I just HAVE to dish!!!

A few weeks ago, it was bad for my favorites.... First off, Steve Gutenberg got kicked off Dancing with the Stars. Then the next night, Claire got eliminated on Top Model. And THEN, Amie got voted out on Survivor. GAH! And I bet THAT decision is coming back to haunt some people!!!

There's some new shows out that are good. And an old favorite is back. :) So let's get started.... ;)

Dancing with the Stars got sad for me when the Gut was kicked off before Adam Carolla. I didn't find Adam offensive, but he wasn't a good dancer, so he didn't deserve to stay over the Gut. Finally, though, HE went. But then it got bad... Priscilla went. And then MARLEE went. That just made me so sad. I loved Marlee and thought she was such an inspiration. It's just sad that she had two bad weeks in a row. I think had she gotten back to ballroom dances, she would have been back on top. :( I am so happy she was on the show. She's definitely a role model for anyone who is struggling out there. My favorite is Marissa, I think she's adorable and so fun. I also like Jason. Actually, I like most of the rest of them, except Cristian. And something about Mario bothers me, but he is a good dancer. So if he won, I'd be disappointed that my favorite didn't, but it'd be okay. Kristi, though, is the front runner. She's such a joy to watch, because she's so good! There are, of course, some people who think that because she was a figure skater she has an unfair advantage, but I don't agree with that. Yeah, if she'd been an ICE DANCER, then it'd be unfair, but she wasn't. So Kristi shouldn't be on the show because she has a good work ethic? I also don't think Derek and Shannon are horrible people because he spoke out of frustration this past week. Half the people online think he was out of like and insulting toward the other dancers. I completely disagree. He was upset because the judges were scoring inconsistantly. It's not fair to blast Shannon for something, but then they're giving out nines and tens to people that are stumbling or not technically deserving of the scores. Could he have been more tactful? Sure. But he's human and I happen to agree with him. I think Shannon has a lot of talent and I can't wait to see what she does this next week. :)

Top Model has been crazy. I think they were nuts to kick Claire off, but they finally rectified that this past week. Seriously, though, she was FIERCE! But, of course, TyTy and co can't let a baby momma win! What I can't understand is why Lauren NEVER got much crap for her failure to improve her walk. In the past, a girl with a walk as atrocious as hers would have been lamblasted! And they were just sort of ho-hum about it. What the hell? And she NEVER practiced. So I'm glad she finally was eliminated. I don't think she was Cover Girl material. She can take some great pictures, but she wasn't, overall, the best all-around model. Plus she cussed during the comercial!!! She dropped the F-bomb! Of the girls left, I think Dom, Anya or Kata deserve to win. Fatima is okay, she's gotten better. Whitney is a right bitch and it'd bug me to high heaven if SHE won. She's pretty, but she's a terrible person on the inside. Cover Girls are supposed to be sweet and not back-stabbing.

Survivor has been one blind-side after another this season. I do think it's hilarious that Penner was right and now it's coming back to haunt people that they didn't listen to him! He told them all that Parvati was manipulative! And she IS!!! I bet he's sitting at home laughing his ass off! I loved Ozzy's fave when he found out during tribal that Parv is the one that spearheaded his ousting. I wish those idiots would have gotten together to get her back, but I guess they felt like "Oh, she has the numbers, so we can't do anything." But seriously... Does Amanda REALLY think that Parv is taking HER to the final?! No! Because of all of the women left, Amanda would win hands down. Amanda has, once again, trusted the wrong alliance. I do think that it is hiLARious that they did the same thing two weeks in a row, though.

The Real World is back and this time they're in Hollywood. MTV is doing the show in hour long episodes, so there will be less of them. So far, I like Joey and Brianna. I don't know if I like Greg and Dave or not.... I do NOT like Sarah, Kimberly or Will. UGH. I do think that Greg has been hurt really badly in his past, so that is why he is so aloof. I've seen signs that deep down he is a good person. I hope that comes out more. I really like Joey and I hope he can overcome his problems and get back to being the sweetheart he obviously is. And I think he and Bri would be cute together. She needs something to help her rise out of the life she's got in Philly. Poor girl. I think Kim is ignorant and needs to grow up. She's got the same problem the Miz had. Alas, there is not Coral to straighten her ass out... Yet? ;) Maybe on a future challenge.... I think Will is just a douche. And Sarah is... immature maybe? Who knows. It's good though. :)

The BIGGEST YAY about Reality TV is that Deadliest CATCH is BACK!!! :) I'm so excited that the Catch is back! My favorite guys, Johnathan, Andy and the rest of the Time Bandit crew, have been keeping me smiling. :) That boat is run by a well-oiled team in a relaxed atomosphere and I think it'd be the best boat to work on. I love them! They did the funniest thing! One of the other boat captains, Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, had been looking for a new truck. So Johnathan found this torn up king cab truck and took it out with them. They found one of Phil's crab pots and attached the truck to it. It was so hilarious when they pulled that truck up!!! You gotta love awesome guys like that. If you've never seen the Catch, check it out! It's a very cool show!!! It airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights. Also, I think the episodes are available online....

Fit Club ends this week. I'm eager to see the before and afters on the gang. What I can't figure out, though, is whether Erin or Dustin is the biggest whack job. Seriously, Erin is a total kookpot. And she's a disappointment. I'd like to know what her deal was... I love Toccara and think she is so amazing. Now SHE should have been the first Plus sized girl to win Top Model. Anyway, she's still FIERCE and she's hot and she's so cool. And tough! Good Lord, the girl is tough. A couple weeks ago they had some self defense instruction or something and she body slammed a dude! That's just... wow! Dustin still has the drama-llama-ding-dong going on, but at least he's following the diet this time and meeting his goals. But every time he feels a little tired, he punks out on the workout. And then he'll call his lawyer. Or his manager/girlfriend.... "Harvey called me names." "Harvey threatened me." By offering to PAY a professional wrestler to slam Dustin?!? How is that a felony threat Dustin? Sheesh. What a big old goober! I will say that all of the "Second Chancers" have been blowing the rookies out of the Water. Tina and Willie? I wish I had their dedication. Hell, if I could just work out like those two, I'd be happy. The last thing I want to say about the show is that Dunkleman is a tool. He is NOT funny. He has his occasional moments, but for the most part, dude is just... a loser.

MTV has started a great new show, called Rock the Cradle. It's a contest between the musically talented children of MTV "icons" for money and, I think, a recording contract. They started out with 9 people - Jesse Money (daughter of Eddie Money), A'keiba Burrell-Hammer (daughter of MC Hammer), Lil B'Sure (son of Al B'Sure), Landon Brown (son of Bobby Brown), Jesse Blaze Snider (son of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister), Chloe Lattanzi (daughter of Olivia Newton John), Lucy Walsh (daughter of Joe Walsh), Lara Johnston (daughter of Doobie Brother Tom Johnston) and Crosby Loggins (son of Kenny Loggins). So far, Jesse M (who has the BEST ROCK voice of the girls), A'keiba, Landon (who was such a gentleman) and Lil B have been eliminated. Next week, two of the 5 that are left are gone. I've been voting for Lara and Crosby. I love them both. I think Lara has, overall, the best voice of the girls. But it is more of a pop/R&B voice. Crosby is the most talented all-around. Lucy's good, too. Jesse S is a good performer, he can really work the stage and please the crowd, but his singing voice isn't that great and he's a total ass. He thinks he's being honest. I think he's just being rude. Chloe is okay. Her voice is different and interesting. But it's not really suited to Rock, in my opinion. Her pitch is great, but her tone is... strange. It's weird to listen to. I think Crosby or Lucy would be the best winners. You can see the full episodes and vote at if you're interested. I know Crosby and Lara have myspaces, the rest probably do, too.

Trading Spaces is over for the season. The other week, though, Hildi actually did a GREAT room. I loved the walls she did. It was this beautiful wood set out in diamonds. GORGEOUS! And then last week, DOUG compromised. Stop the presses, somebody call Ripley! ;) Heh. I love that the show came back. I can't wait for the new season.

And I gotta say something about all these "love" shows that are on. Like Flavor Flav, Brett Michaels, Tila Tequila. Give it UP. None of these people are interested in finding LOVE. I think they're all a bunch of tools and so are the "contestants" on the show. Really, if they didn't find love the first time, they're probably not going to. And what kind of idiot would subject themselves to such degradation? Oh, right, because the BACHELOR is such a hit... Uhm... At least it's a new person each time, not the same loser over and over again...

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go get in some last minute votes for Lara and Lucy. :)
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I am pretty shocked and saddened by Anna Nicole Smith's death. When Allen told me he read it online, I thought it was a joke at first. What's even worse is all of the articles talking about her as a courtesan and such. That mess should be saved for an op-ed piece or something. The woman's dead and they're calling her a high class whore. I think the poor woman was self medicating because she was being hounded right and left. You couldn't watch a Hollywood gossip show without a mention of the poor woman's children or her legal battles. And I guess they'll still hound her.

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So I watched the new challenged that debuted last night. It looks pretty good. I love the "fresh meat" twist, where they had these new people who'd never been on ANY of the shows. The "alumni" thought they'd be playing against the newbies, but it turned out that each alumni was paired with a member of the opposite sex from the freshmeat. The show looks pretty interesting. I'm happy to see some of my favorites, like Coral. I also like Joey from the RW Austin, so I'm glad she's on. Some of the fresh meat kids seem pretty cool. I like Katie's partner, Eric. I hope they go far. I also like Aviv. Johanna's partner Jesse looks like Mark Paul Gosselaar, but he seems nice. Evan was a great partner choice for Coral. That's a strong team right there. I think Aviv and Darrell is a strong partnership as well, and that's my darkhorse pick for the finals. I think Tina is a total bitch. She bugs me. I used to like Tonya, I dunno for sure how I feel about her these days. I do think it's funny that she's sleeping with all her stuff on the bed, since she's worried someone will try to get back at her for throwing Beth's stuff into the pool on the last challenge they were on together. I think that was the last Inferno. I don't like Tonya's partner at ALL. He's a jerk to her. For his attitude alone, they should have voted them into the Exile.

I kind of understand why the Austin cast is being targetted, since there are 4 of them. But I think they're making too much of this whole "dating couple ARRRRRRRGH" shit. Just calm down already! I do think that if it were just Joey and Wes or the two girls, there wouldn't be that big of a fervor. I honestly think Danny and Melinda's weird, psychotic, obsessionfest is what pissed people off the most. Maybe Melinda will realize how unhealthy their relationship is by being apart from Danny. Honestly, it's healthier to drive 90 miles an hour without wearing your seatbelt while smoking three packs of cigarette and eating a carton of ice cream every day than be in that relationship. Which is what people dislike. If it were just Wes and Joey, I don't think there'd be this big fervor like there is right now. Because for some reason people like Wes. I personally think he is obnoxious, but I love Joey. I thought it was unfair that they were targetting the Austin kids and I was sad that the guys were facing off, then I realized I can't stand Danny, so I was cool with him going home. I did feel bad for Ev, Danny's partner. But I guess the Fresh Meat kids will be able to come back in the future.
This season is going to be interesting.
OH MY GOSH!!! thousands of crossing jordan fans on the east coast just creamed their pants about 3 minutes ago.
YOWZA that was hot.
aaah, CBS loves my reality TV loving heart.
off to a running start... )
wow, this is going to be one hell of a show!!!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, inxs finally got it right.
i'm so glad marty got the encore. i wish the douche hadn't sang that pretty fucking vegas again. but luckily, i got to leave the room and missed it. i got back just in time to hear trees.
tonight on rockstar.....

i TRIED to pull for suzie, i really did. i wanted to go for the whole women's solidarity thing. but.... she just sucked too bad. i couldn't bring myself to vote for her. she CANNOT sing. she drops notes, she had NO RANGE and she has NO VOCAL STAMINA. i loved BOTH of the songs she sang tonight (what's up by the 4 non blondes and innerstate love song by STP) and she just trashed them.

jdouche sucked. i'm pissed that i had to hear pretty vegas AGAIN! gaaaah. i HATE his lyrics. the music is great, because INXS WROTE it. if i could hear it instrumental, i'd dance to it. jdouche's lyrics RUIN it. and his cover of pink floyd's money was horrible, too! i don't know WHY they keep him around. he CAN'T sing.

marty rocks! i love trees and was so happy he sang it again. it sounds great acoustic. i hope he gets the encore for that song. i hope he gets voted to sing it again. he also did a great job singing radiohead's creep. marty is my second favorite. i don't know that he's right for inxs, but i like him.

mig totally ROCKED! he's NEVER been in the bottom 3 and i think that says something. inxs, i think, sometimes influences how people vote by what they say. but i hope mig's talent keeps people from doing that to him just because INXS made comments trying to push people to vote that way. he sang paint it black, my FAVORITE rolling stones song, and seal's kiss from a rose and he was GREAT! he's a fabulous performer. i voted for him as much as i could before they closed voting. i think that australia will keep voting for him no matter who the teeny bopper girls like or what the band says. i hope they do. :) because i think he's the best one for the band. he's VERY talented and i think he would fit with them.

at the end of the show they showed the preliminary voting order. it was marty, jdouche, suzie and mig. i hope that changes. i'd love to see mig go the whole time and NOT be in the bottom 3. i really hope they dump the douche. we'll see.
oh yea, rockstar last night....
jd sucked! his original song was so stupid. "it ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you?!" it ain't pretty when he sings that song!!!!! and he's STILL trying to sound like michael hutchense.
suzie was mediocre. she drops notes, she has no range. and yet DAVE said to her he thought she was the best vocalist in the competition. EXCUSE ME? she sucks!!!!
mig was AWESOME! he totally rocked "hard to handle" when he sang it. and his original song was so sweet and amazing. he is the best fit for the band.
jordis was great! she really did a great job on "we are the champions." MUCH better than jdouche did. i loved her original song. i love her voice. and dave says to her "it's like you're losing your spark." well GEE, y'all browbeat virtually perfect performances from her while praising the mediocre. yea, she's probably flagging!
marty was really good. i love "everlong" done acoustically anyway. and doing that really helped him not scream so much. and i love love LOVE his original song. it's so catchy and sweet. :) that was definitely the best original song. MUCH better than "pretty vegas." UGH!

i seriously wonder about dave and the band, though. what exactly are they hearing up there? are they listening with earplugs in??????
well, tonight we find out who is going home...
the results )
so tonight is the performance show. there are 7 left.
they rehashed the show from VH1 this week, where song selections were made. dave called suzie out for pitching a fit to do an original song after suggesting they draw names. i'm interested to see how tonight goes.... the thing is... if you're doing an original and screw up, it's not as noticeable as it is if you screw up on a huge rock hit.
the performances )
thank goodness for DVR. i was able to DVR the real world while i watched rockstar.

wes is so stupid! what right does he have to judge johanna? and WHY does he think she's trying to make him jealous???? she has NO INTEREST in his ass. he's acting kind of obsessive, actually. then he brings that girl home and goes to bed with her. and then says "can i call you a taxi?" to her? what a dick. johanna would be CRAZY to get involved with his crazy ass. i wish she'd act nicer toward leo, though.
and that was all the show was. johanna's relationship with leo and then wes being a psycho.
tonight the guys chose mig to give an encore of his performance. mig, marty and jordis got the top three amount of votes, so mig, being a really nice guy, asked jordis and marty to sing with him. and it's so gorgeous.
the bottom three last night at the end of the show were deanna, jessica and ty. tonight it's deanna, jessica and suzie. fucking shit. i was hoping it'd be jd. who the hell is voting for that fuckhead? i can't believe one of these girls is going home.

suzie is singing "by my side" for inxs. she is owning this song. sheeesh... she's great..
oh man jessica is singing "mystify me!" this is one of my favorite songs. she's got a pretty good voice. although if she had to go, i guess i'd be okay with it. i just wish it was jd.
deanna is singing "never tear us apart." she's doing well, but she oversings. i love her, but she does oversing and it might be the thing they don't like. sometimes i think she's trying to overcompensate for something she thinks she lacks.
i wish they could say "we're keeping you all." i guess they have to send someone home.
and the loser is.... )
tonight the contestants are singing songs picked out for them by the band and the first 4 has just been spot on. the singers have been totally nailing these songs.
the show started out with them recapping the debacle they showed sunday night. you know, where JD decided he just doesn't play well with others.... and they seemed to praise him for it in one breath and then condemn him in the next. i think that was a big no-no and they're like "eh, that's rock and roll." and then they turned around and said "but your song lacked something." and then jd starts babbling about himself in third person. he's a total ass. thank goodness they finally got to the singing.
jordis was up first. she sang the bob dylan version of "knockin on heaven's door" and she brought me to tears. she just has the most amazing voice. dave said something to the affect that a star was being born in front of him. and that's true. she's going to be a star one day, whether she gets chosen for inxs or not.
jessica was amazing on her song as well. she sang "torn" by natalie imbruglia. she nailed it. she wasn't as great as jordis, but she did really ewll.
ty was third. he sang "maggie may." i wasn't sure i'd like it. he seems to like singing in off beats, but he gave it a real motown feel and his voice was spot on. and then he did some tongue tricks for the crowd's amusement. uhm, nice. lol.
suzie was up next with the sam cooke "bring it back." she had these cute curls. and again, she nailed it. the band really called it on these songs! she'd never even heard the song and that's what was so great about it. they've been playing a sort of unplugged feel with the band and it's really working for all these people. and there's strings in it. the band is great.
marty was up with "hit me baby one more time" and he did a great job on it. he sang it really dark, almost goth. i loved it. i think poor marty had the most taboo challenge put before him. he impressed the band, i think. it was a pretty good performance.
deanna was up with bonnie raitt's "i can't make you love me" and she did really well. i didn't hear too many issues in her performance. i've heard that song thousands of times and it sounded great. of course she heard flaws. i love her though. so she'll get a vote from me. (between votes for jordis lol)
ugh, jd's up. *gag* i can't stand him. he sang the stones "as tears go by" and all i can say is i hope a bunch of stupid teenage girls don't vote for him because "he's so cute." cause he's an asshole and i wouldn't buy anything with his name on it. he sounds horrible singing this song. i think HE thinks he sounds like michael hutchence. i noticed that he was trying to sound like him when he sang his little song that he went renegade and wrote. i think he's trying to sound too much like him and i hope the band sees through that shit. heh, the band gave him low reviews. "that wasn't your best moment."
mig was up last and he sang peter frampton's "baby i love your way." he accompanied himself on the piano. i think he and marty are the most talented guys in this competition. mig has a nice smooth voice and that really came through on this song. i think he really stretched himself with this song. the band really did pick good stuff for these folks to sing. and mig just seems like a likeable person. altho i'm afraid people might think his performance was a little too "lounge singer" or something. nope, he made dave think about his wife. so i think he successfully blew these guys away. nice. :)
so now they're opening the polls so people can vote to get early results. y'all really should go to and check out some of these performances online. i'd check out jordis, marty, mig and suzie. of course the page is running slow as shit right now. it took me three tries to submit a vote for jordis! i really really hope it's not a shitload of teenie boppers voting for jd. ugh, it probably is, since the early polls show ty, jessica and deanna in the bottom three.
well, today the group had some interesting adventures.
you know, lucky the dog is cuter than janice.
what is up with jose saying (about caprice) "if she would get in a gym and work out, she'd be very good-looking." uhm, she's a model. she's got a great body. what the hell does he think she needs to do to herself? hell, she's too skinny as it is. double-you tee eff, mate?
so they get their paper and find out they're going to ride motorbikes with carey. and of course janice decides she doesn't want to do it. "i'm a supermodel. i don't have to breathe!" riiiiiiight. she's such a stupid bitch. i hate to use generic insults, but they fit her. she's a generic person.
oh my GOD pep! she ate a banana in one bite?! holy HELL. just so you know, that's a talent. not every woman can do that. and i agree with caprice. she's going to be asked out a lot after today. i'm sure lots of folks want to see that banana trick in person.
carey is so cool. i love to see people doing bike and skate tricks. i'm not into the whole scene, but i do like to watch it and i know it takes incredible athleticism and major balls to do those things. that sideways jump takes my breath away. i can only imagine how they felt being right there when he did it.
big strong jose whimped out? and little caprice who needs to "get in a gym and work out" jumped right on no problem. yea big guy. come on, they've got all this safety equipment, why whimp out? oh hell, janice "pulled something in her ankle" while starting the bike. she injured herself with 4000 miles on the runway? it's not like carpal tunnel syndrome! i'm glah carey didn't let her whimp out like that. hahahaha jose crashed first. i thought it would be janice, but no, it was jose.
jose tanked again!!!! and he quit. whimp! i'm shocked. hahaha, caprice fell, jumped up and got right back on her bike! kick ass. i think it's funny that she was already in second gear. lol. it's funny to see her all over that dirt bike like that. it's impressive and i guess carey thought so, too. he awarded her the motorbike prize, although i think that's kind of a ripoff. he made it sound like it would be a real bike and it was a minibike!! who wants to bet she buys a bike and starts riding on a track. it's so funny how different the two models on this show are. if janice had fallen they would have had to call EMS and airlift her out. caprice just hops back on the bike. one more notch for her.
after the bike riding, they went back home and had a slumber party. it's cool, because they got to invite people. pep invited spinderella which KICKS ASS! i love spin! so it's so cool that she's on here. i was kinda hoping pink would come on, but she probably had a conflicting commitment or something. bronson and omarosa didn't invite anyone. jose invited his dog. who got really friendly with lucky.
jose is really in touch with his feminine side. he's wearing lacey things and lip gloss. but he says he did the burlesque show, so i guess he's going hog wild for it. some of the stuff looked good on the guys, though.
janice's negativity, especially toward omarosa is so telling. she's incredibly jealous of people and she's obviously insecure. i'm surprised they didn't show her talking shit about caprice. it is a little out there to put the stuff on the dog, but he didn't do anything worse than anyone else who dresses their pets do. and i've seen animals looking more miserable in "clothes" than jose's dog did, so... i don't think janice's claims were true. they're not. jose didn't mistreat his dog by putting him in the fashion show. janice was just being negative, as per usual.

interesting episode. i wish we'd seen them having more slumber party fun.
okay, so my usual pop culture update will all be in one entry...
i haven't seen this past week's the cut yet, so i can't write about it. and i know i need to write one about the week before. so later this week i'll do a massive post about the cut. i'll watch the episodes tomorrow when i'll be able to watch the stuff i have on DVR.
i finally saw last week's real world. that was one of the most intense things i've ever seen. i felt so bad for danny. he said one thing that really, really stood out. he said that everyone wanted made themselves available for him to talk to, but the only person he wanted to talk to was the one person he couldn't talk to. that is so incredibly true. hopefully in the next few days i'll see the episode that aired last night, i wanted to watch rockstar INXS last night.
speaking of rockstar, jordis is amazing. even when she's having a bad night, it's still better than other people's work. marty did really well with mr brightsides. he started out a little off, but he tightened up really quickly and it came out wonderfully. i didn't like ty or brandon's performances. and i cannot STAND JD!!!! jd is so smarmy i can't even put it into words. the band seems to think he's the bees knees, but he's not that great. jordis the most talented one of them of all. i also kinda liked susie's rendition of losing my religion. jessica, deanna and mig were alright. i'd like to hear more of mig's work. i hear he's good. i like deanna's voice, but i do agree that she tends to oversing sometimes. but i think she has a strong voice. my favorite is jordis though. she's the one to beat.
what the hell happened with this week's surreal life????? it was supposed to be the one where carey takes them all dirtbiking, but they showed a re-run. anyone know why they changed it like that?

i heard on the radio today this bit on a show. the dudes supposed researched the hottest women of rock and roll and then they couldn't come up with a top 5. one guy mentioned lita ford and that was it. no other names were mentioned seriously. when they got to number one, someone blurted out mama cass and then they all laughed. i was sitting there thinking they were idiots. and then i came up with several names. going by bands that are truly rock and roll (not pop) and came up with this top 5.
5. shirley manson (of garbage)
4. nancy wilson
3. debbie harry
2. ann wilson
1. stevie nicks
anyone else got a top 5?

i actually cried when peter jennings died. we were in vicksburg and i heard it on the news. it's like he, dan rather and tom brokaw have been the news guys my whole life. and when they pass on, it's a definite sign that i'm getting older and my life is passing. and who wants that? not me. i don't want to get old. i still feel young. i feel like i'm in my mid-20s, but i'm getting older. and it sucks.
i am very happy the shuttle landed safely. i was really worried when the foam fell off. i know the whole country was waiting with bated breath when it landed yesterday. i think it's sad that the shuttles are going to be retired in a few years. what boggles my mind about NASA is they haven't started making new vessels yet. i hope they've been at least designing. allen says they space program should be turned over to a manager and treated like a business. i don't like that idea. i'm not jane jetson. i don't want to look up and see billboards in space advertising walmart or burger king. and i can see that happening if they start opening it up to the highest bidder.

edited to add my thoughts on the rockstar results )
i love lucky the dog. he's just so damn cute.
the surreal life )
okay.... the only thing i really have to say is that danny and melinda both need to grow the fuck up. if he doesn't want a girlfriend, fine. if he does want to date her, fine. but he needs to quit stringing her along. on the flipside, she needs to understand that he may not 100% trust her anymore, since she has the propensity to make out with anyone at the drop of a hat.
actually, i'm getting bored with this couple and would like to see more of the REST of the cast?
also, i think it was incredibly rude and disrespectful of wes, danny and nehemiah to go to a meeting for work hungover like they did and then to sit there yawning while the guy is trying to talk to them. it was also incredibly unprofessional.
dear celebrities,
stupid as i think harvey is sometimes with his browbeating and verbal abuse, why would you sign up for a weight loss show and then NOT even TRY to participate in the program? they're supposed to just sit by and let you sit around with your finger up your ass the whole time, not losing any weight, not even trying to eat right or exercise. and then get defensive when they try to bring the program to you? why would you get pissed that they came to your house to help you? what the flippin fuck????? what's the issue? you sighed up to do it. they're trying to help you. some of you people have bigger issues than CFC can handle.
oh my GOD. harvey has feelings?! i mean besides anger? wow. i do feel bad for him though.
dude, i need one of those giant plastic balls.

ps: jani, i like your haircut, but please lose the eyeliner.
janice taking over the bathroom, especially when she has a make-up room, is just fucked the fuck up. she's so fucking self-centered and rude.
burlesque show? scary? yea, bronson, i was screaming "no" at the thought of seeing you naked, too. and i was thanking them for making you the MC, too. yea, the whole world was speaking with you there, buddy. i do love the team names though. that's kinda funny. america the bootyfull? westward ho? and i love the costumes, so colorful and tacky!
cowboys hats... hmmm.....
oh my GOD jose' canseco in stockings. and a speedo!
oooooh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW janice is worry about being a parent?!? after she's drinking and flipping people off and cussing at them, making fun of special needs people and all? NOW she's concerned about being a good example? bullshit. don't pull the "i'm a parent" card. she just didn't want to do it plain and simple.
heh, poor omarosa, when pep exposes her chest. at least she laughed it off and didn't freak out. imagine if that was janice? she'd just freak the fuck out and sue someone if that was her.
janice is such a bitch? she can't rehearse cause she's a supermodel? "i am a supermodel. i don't need to rehearse!" the truest thing she said was "i have no thought process." damn right you drugged out, drunken bitch. you have no thought process because you're in such a haze it's a wonder you know your own name! her dropping out of the show wasn't about morals at all. i bet she was mad that she had to be martha washington and not the statue of liberty, because the statue had a prettier costume.
bronson is just gross. i'm sorry. gross, gross, gross.
jose' does have a great body. and that's all i have to say about that. well, that and he needs a pedicure.
man, pep loves to bare omarosa's chest. she did it in rehearsal AND in the show! they looked like they were having more fun and at least they got along. i enjoyed their performance myself and i'm glad they won. :)
every time janice opens her mouth, bitterness falls out. just saying. and the way she treated omarosa about the phone, while omarosa is trying to deal with a close friend's family death? that just takes the cake. i strongly dislike janice, she's a rude, selfish, clueless bitch. "i can't use my make-up room because it needs to be cleaned." why don't YOU fucking clean it?!?! and SHE is calling bronson and omarosa drama queens?!
i don't blame omarosa for moving. poor chica. altho i bet that's exactly what janice wanted, the rudeassed ho.

do these people get paid to be on this show?
next week looks interesting. we'll see what happens. i'm not going to say "omarosa's a bitch" just from the preview clips. you know how they do with previews.
wow, quite an interesting episode this week.
i love deanna, i really do, but she, wes and shauna are SO arrogant when they're together. i actually almost wanted them to lose this week just so tommy could give them hell for their arrogance!!! sheesh. okay, they HAVE done well in the past several challenges, but they need to tone it down. wes saying "you could have just give me and deanna this challenge and i still think we could have beaten all the, deanna and shauna can pretty much overpower everyone else when we're together" is just a little too much. the other thing about this show is the same people are usually on the same team. although, i'm shocked elizabeth didn't chose felix. they usually do pick one another. she much still be miffed at him for leaving the team last week.
the assignment? style two up and coming rock bands. the bands were unisex salon and god or julie. i actually really liked the name unisex salon as soon as i heard it. TH said that music sets fashion trends. so these teams can set fashion trends with how they dress the teams.
you could tell who was doing better almost as soon as they met the bands by how well they interacted with them. i also think the bands themselves kind of predicted how it would go. the first band, unisex salon, met with their team, talked to them and gave them their full attention, even if they expressed doubt at the ideas the stylists were tossing out. the second band, god or julie was just sitting around on the phone and playing video games. they pretty much ignored their stylists and were very rude. like they would take phone calls in the middle of the discussions. you'd THINK that their look would be something they'd give their full attention to. personally, i think that makes them a bunch of jerks. and then they made their team drink a shot with them. just by that first meeting, i like unisex salon better. and i can see them going farther in their career.
i DID like how the god or julie team split the work in that each band member got a personal stylist, but i think it would have been better for princess to concentrate on being the seamstress for everyone and let the other 4 design the outfits. and that didn't happen. they left jeff out of the process, which, much as i dislike jeff, i thought it was piss poor. altho i think the designers were too passive with their designs. the band said "we want to wear what we always wear" and the team said "okay." the unisex salon team did much better by doing something they knew would look cool, even if their band was squeamish about the outfits. the team made them, got them into the clothes and then the band realized how hot they looked. but all the band members were being brats.
okay, i gotta say, the thing i dislike most about how wes, deanna and shauna, besides the arrogance, is when they get together they make team decisions without consulting the rest of their team so the other members of their team are standing around twiddling their thumbs or left looking like they don't know what's going on. i kinda hope TH calls them on it at some point, because he's stressed communication and teamwork before. they didn't sit down and say okay "this is what we have in mind, here's how you can contribute." or "here's what we envision, what can you add?" instead it was "here's what we're doing and we don't care what YOU think, this is how it'll be." yes it looked good, but it wasn't good teamwork.
okay, yea, cluephone, god or julie team, partying with and getting drunk with your band is NOT a good idea! i mean yes, TH said hang out with them and get to know them, but i don't think he meant going down to the bottom of the bottle with them. and obviously you didn't get in that good with your band if they wouldn't let you take risks with their clothing. so you got drunk, wasted valuable time and they still pretty much looked like they pulled something out of their own closet. why even bother to go shopping, really.
how is it that only a few of these people know how to sew? for fucks sake people, you're trying to become a FASHION DESIGNER!!!! i would think SEWING might be a USEFUL skill! but apparently only princess and shauna know how to sew. i guess that's why deanna and wes embrace shauna so much, she has a skill they don't... if she didn't, they probably wouldn't let her into their little circle or sit with them in the cafeteria during lunch.
the working conditions for these teams were horrible. they're trying to sew clothes and make outfits in the middle of a rock and roll party with booze flying all over the place. which i think is part of the challenge, i think TH will look at how well these people work under pressure. and this was pretty much a rock and roll war zone. one team focused, the other didn't. i'm sure TH will look at that for later on as well. and why did they keep saying "i wonder what so and so is doing." who cares? just do YOUR job! yikes!
oh yea, and duh, washing, and drying jeans and treating them for some shiny finish the brats didn't like will shrink pants, did y'all know that?! sheeeeesh. that's something they should have seriously thought about. and then on the other team one of the brats goes missing and doesn't even know where he is?! what is that all about? i thought CBGB was a big deal. so why were those guys acting like it was the high school prom?
these people on this show backbite too much. one team is sitting there in the last hour bickering. that's when y'all need to come together and work together. don't stand there bickering about who was picked when. the other team did work well together in that respect. they backbit, too, but they didn't stand around bickering about stuff at the last minute. i do like how the unisex salon team didn't let the brats bully them about the clothes. they made them wear them. and they looked great. even if the one dude did go MIA until the last second. he literally walked in one minute until the deadline. but they got him dressed in record time. they literally picked him up and were putting the clothes on him.
i wish we'd gotten to hear the bands more. from what i heard, you know, two or three snippets of songs, i like the stuff i was hearing. anyway.....
okay, the one team dressed their group in all black. they said they wanted them to look cohesive. cohesion does not mean they look like they're in some sort of uniform. and even if it is what the band says they want, it's not edgy, it's not risky fashion... it's just cookie cutter crap. it doesn't stand out and it doesn't make the stylist stand out. so then you get to style forum and TH rakes you over the coals.
i know these people love when TH says "what did you do?" i do think he thinks that some of these people aren't working with what talent they have as much as they should. i think TH sees that some people are too passive. i love when he gets to the heart of what the issues are. "why did you pick your seamstress last?" and "why didn't you use your salesmanship skills to win the band over to your ideas?" and then, when jeff (the biggest CT of the night) says "may i speak in my defense" but then starts bashing liz! what the hell, man. your self defense is to go on the offensive about someone else? jeff made no tangible contribution to look of the band. he did labor any of them could have done. and dude, if you sold the band, then why didn't they look better. i love the backpedalling. and JEFF is out of style. FINALLY. he's an arrogant jerk that has limited talent. i don't think anyone is sad to see him go. he really has no kind of fashion designing skills. i don't think TH will live to "regret his decision" to cut him, no matter what jeff thinks.
i love how TH loved the one thing the band unisex salon was so reluctant about. the team put the female member of the band in a "tie skirt." it's basically a skirt made of ties sewn together and it looks like a kilt. it's actually supercute. i honestly think that skirt was a big selling point for that team.
again, TH made a good choice. i've agreed with him for the most part every week. i guess the man DOES know his business.
i just hope deanna, wes and shauna don't get too huge of heads. i think that over-confidence will eventually hurt them. my favorites are still deanna and chris cortez, who did pretty well, he actually made the "shiny" jeans look good. he was just working on a team that wasn't able to come together. but he gets to pick a team next week, so hopefully he'll pick a good one.
next week they're painting a plane. that's going to be interesting.

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