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Jun. 10th, 2007 09:24 pm
CBS is bringing Jericho back!!!!

This is awesome! If you haven't seen the show, PLEASE check it out. It's such a great show!!!!
I love the CBS she Jericho and am so disappointed that CBS cancelled it. But I've been reading online how many fans have fought to keep the show alive. The biggest thing has been sending 20,000 POUNDS of nuts to CBS. If you're a Jericho fan, you'll get that. It's awesome.
Anyway, if you're a Jericho fan, too, and want to know what's been going on to save the show, check out [livejournal.com profile] savejericho.
I love this song and have since I first heard it....
Plowed by Sponge )
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I am pretty shocked and saddened by Anna Nicole Smith's death. When Allen told me he read it online, I thought it was a joke at first. What's even worse is all of the articles talking about her as a courtesan and such. That mess should be saved for an op-ed piece or something. The woman's dead and they're calling her a high class whore. I think the poor woman was self medicating because she was being hounded right and left. You couldn't watch a Hollywood gossip show without a mention of the poor woman's children or her legal battles. And I guess they'll still hound her.

TV shows )
so i finished allen's stocking. of course i wrapped everything because he's a peeker. i found him a tie at kohls. it's green with snowmen on it, which he can also wear in january. i found him some ac/dc boxers at target. he loves ac/dc. i got him a twisted christmas by twisted sister. of course the peanut brittle i posted about. and had him some flag pencils and gold coin candy. at target i got him a spongebob candy thing and some spongebob coins. and i had him a steelers ornament and a magnet. so his stocking is stuffed. :) and he's pretty much set, except for the one gift that hasn't come yet: the complete calvin and hobbes. like i said, i hope it comes today.

the one thing... when i went to best buy to get the CD, i saw a billy idol christmas CD (which i was going to get if i couldn't find the twisted sister one)... so i mentioned the billy idol CD to him and said i wondered if he rocks the carols up or sings them traditionally (cause i can't find it online to preview!) and allen said he hoped he sang them traditionally, because it's stupid if they rock them up. which makes me sad, because twisted sister rocks their stuff up and i thought he'd love it. :( but now i'm worried he won't like it.
i'm not sure what all to put in allen's stocking. i already have a steelers ornament in there and this magnet. today i found him some pencils that are american flag (he uses pencils to do sudoku and crosswords), some christmas erasers and some gold coin candy (as a joke. when we went to matt and kristy's reception they had "treasure chests" full of candy and plastic coins and allen kept trying to "peel" the coins - he thought they were candy, too). i also ordered him some peanut brittle. i don't know what else to get him for his stocking. any ideas?
Free Stacey Lannert

As [livejournal.com profile] avador said in her email to me, I can't believe this poor woman is still in prison. Her father abused her sexually and physicall since she was 8 or 9, and one day she finally snapped and shot him when she was 17. She got life, no chance at parole. They couldn't even bring up the abuse at her trial under law at the time. Please take a minute to read her story and sign the petition for the new governor. I've been following her story for a few years now and have signed all petitions (there have been several changes of legislation during her incarceration and she is out of appeals.) Clemency is her only hope of getting out.
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what the fuck?!
this is why i'm never living anywhere with a homeowners' association.

editi just read an update on the case and they withdrew the fines.... but apparently, according to this story toward the bottom it wasn't the first time they got up in arms over a peace sign. fuckers.
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so sorry for so many posts today. i haven't bought much for allen yet. i did order him 3 books when i made those massive book orders the other week. i got him alan alda's autobiography, this bob newhart book and this book about gnomes. i'd also like to get him a boxing glove set, something similar to this one. i'd also like to get him this set of calvin and hobbes books. he's been wanting them for awhile. i'd also like to get him some movies, maybe some alfred hitchcock. there's a couple of sets he might like. and i thought about getting him a steelers shirt, maybe this one. but i dunno. of course, this is all IF i can afford it. i know he's going to get those three books. i'm not sure what else i'm going to get him, though. i think i'm definitely going to get him the gloves. i'd like to get him one of those punching bags but that will have to wait. we don't have room for one.

edit didn't get him the steelers shirt or the punching bag. and i got him a completely different set of boxing gloves.
The Terrorists Who Aren't in the News ) reposting this from my friends list. thanks bethany, for posting this.
happy halloween all! here's to lots of treats and no tricks! :)
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Picture intensive tribute to my Grandma )

Thanks again for all of your messages, thoughts and prayers. They really helped me get through. ♥
this whole situation just terrifies me. they SAY they arrested all of the key players, but how do they know? the enemy that's attacking us hides in plain sight. so how do we know who to fear? how do we know if we're trusting the wrong person? it's not like the nazis who wore swastikas, making them easy to identify. and there ARE sleeper cells. don't think there's not. the simple fact is, we will NEVER be safe again. there is no more normal. there is no more "everything's going to be fine." because it's just not.
and all the flights coming from london are on red alert, but what about OTHER airports? can we control them all? france, germany, italy, the netherlands, australia, russia, japan, china, korea, other asian countries, spain, african nations, south america.... you see what i'm saying?! i mean, i know we can't get just give up and let them murder us all, but HOW DO WE KNOW where they're coming from?! it's like when the cockroaches hide in your walls. you KNOW they're there, but you don't know WHERE exactly. do you rip out all your walls? how do we know the sleepers in america won't try this on domestic flights? or will we be constantly on red alert, not allowed carry-ons anymore? how far can we go to protect ourselves? and are we willing to do that?
we're home safely and i have a massive post (or two?) to make about the trip, which i will do sometime this weekend. hopefully, there will be PICTURES as well. we'll try to get those uploaded. we got home safely, though and i had a great time in texas. :)

i wanted to tell everyone about something, and i'm sorry this is last minute, but my friend [livejournal.com profile] butcherthegirl has a little blog called clever titles are so last summer and she's doing a blogathon for charity TODAY. so please check it out. :)

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