Sep. 1st, 2010

When I read news reports about the devastation in the Gulf, I get a little overwhelmed. I keep getting choked up and teary. It's just scary. I want to help, but it's not like i can just pack up and move to the area to help. I don't exactly have a lot of money. I plan on giving money and probably blood. I've listed some sites below that will be options to giving to the American Red Cross.

Here are different way to help Hurricane Katrina Victims.
shop new orleans! there's a link in this blog entry to a list of NOLA stores you can shop at online.
habitat for humanity builds houses that will become a musicians' village to bring the music BACK to new orleans
help bring the music back to the gulf coast through this program that assist musicians with replacing their lost instruments.
The Episcopal Disaster Relief Fund
Noah's Wishes Animal Rescue
PetsMart Charities
The Humane Society of the United States
Fundraising collar made by the Humane Society
Louisiana SPCA
The Houston, TX SPCA - NOLA SPCA transported their animals here before Katrina hit
SPCA press release about animals needing to be evacuated thanks to [ profile] nlm32 for posting this
Network For Good (featured in my icon, made by [ profile] easter - and she doesn't mind if you use her icon, too. i ask that you credit her if you take it)
The Louisiana Library Association
America's Second Harvest
Cafe' Press I know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
[ profile] gulfcoastgowns - see this post for imformation about this community
[ profile] helpers information about helpers and [ profile] katrinahelp
[ profile] fandom_charity, members are writing fic, in exchange for people donating money to various charities

syndicated blogs of information from the city:
[ profile] mb_neworleans and [ profile] nola_view also check out [ profile] neworleans for updates.

please let me know if you think of other sites!

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